Do you have a problem with dead spots in your lawn? I stopped at one of our clients houses the other day.  I was surprised to see a bunch of dead spots in their lawn. Their lawn is usually in tip top shape.

Dog Spot

My guess would be that it was caused by highly highly acidic dog urine. The telltale sign of Dog Spot is the greening of grass just outside the burned area.

So how did I know it was caused by a dog?  I don’t actually. A lawn could have a similar reaction if someone spilled a concentration of lawn fertilizer on the lawn. Based on the damage, my assumption is no one would have filled a spreader that many times on this small area of lawn and spilled fertilizer each time they refilled the spreader.  That leads me to believe it is damage from a dog’s urine.  There are two dogs that live in the house.  They also have a dog run in the backyard but it’s my guess that one of the dogs isn’t using it.

Dog owning lawn fanatics, have no fear. You can have a spot free lawn but it will take some extra work.  First, walk your dog, or better yet, teach your dog to only go to the bathroom in one spot in your yard. Some inconspicuous spot in a corner of your property where no one can see the lawn.  Another option is to try pills or tomato juice.  There are some that say that tomato juice and over the counter pills help neutralize the acid.  All are worth a try.

Dog spot


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  • seuss78

    or just pour a load of water on the spot immediately after the dog pees. it dilutes the urine enough to mitigate this issue. but judging from these pics, it doesn’t appear the dog is on leash / being walked. in which case, training is the better solution. you can both train a dog to go in one place and also on command.

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